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Welcome to the website of the Christian Israelite Church in Australia. Here you will find information about our beliefs and our lifestyle, you will find our online publications which allows access to a range of useful resources.


Our regular meetings include Praise Services and Bible Studies. Visit the page of the location you are interested in to find out more.


About Us


Christian Israelites hold the hope of the life of the body, that is to be preserved alive by the power of God until Jesus Christ returns.

This hope, we believe, will be the fulfilment of promises in scripture to a remnant of the descendants of Israel, namely the 144,000 spoken of in Revelations - Christian Israelites.

We combine the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments, believing that Jesus Christ was the sacrifice for our sins, but also believing that to obtain the immortal life of the body God's laws need to be kept.



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Sydney Body: Pastor's Blog


Visit our new Pastor's Blog on the Sydney page.


Pastor Rodney Gray's Blog features entries of topical interest and articles published in local newspapers.



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